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Do you talk in your sleep?

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Do you talk in your sleep? Do you ever oversleep?

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Do you need an alarm clock to wake up? Do you ever sleep in?

Sleep late in the morning Do you fall asleep while watching the TV or reading? Do you have a nap at lunchtime or at another time of the day? Does it help?

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What do you wear in bed? I hope this question's not too personal!

Do you have a duvet, or do you prefer sheets and a blanket? How big is your bed? Do you remember your dreams? Do you have a recurring dreams?

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Tell us about a memorable, enjoyable, or strange dream you've had? Do you suffer from nightmares?

Can you remember any specific nightmare? Do you believe that it's possible to interpret dreams? Have you ever tried to interpret your own dreams?

Have you ever walked in your sleep? Do you know anyone who does? If you can think of another good question for this list, please add it.