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Yet gender, as intersected with race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, and nation, is a category that yields tremendous insights into practices, sounds, meanings, and debates that interest to scholars in academic jazz studies.

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Each participant will provide margin comments and typed responses to each workshop participant. Books available at Labyrinth Books, W. Available through Courseworks on-line syllabus to all registered course participants as downloadable PDF files. Non-registered students will need to access through Texy if you have Columbia Libraries access, you can look chwt and download full-text dissertations as PDF files.

Electronic Reserves Electronic Reserve tsxt can be accessed via the Courseworks on-line syllabus to all registered course participants. Who is in this seminar and what is everybody working on? Required Readings: Dissertation: Nichole T. Xerox available on reserve at Music Library, Dodge Hall. Joan Scott, "Experience. Spring, Xerox on reserve at Music Library, Dodge Hall. But when government does it, all is well.

Arab-Americans will tell you why. Stay tuned. Before you call the sex crimes unit, keep in mind these messages will be from the government. No parental guidance required. He s us from Jacksonville, Florida.

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Klausner, thanks for coming on. Thank you for inviting me tonight. Why does the city of San Francisco get to do this? They text Sex Info tothey can deal with every day sexual health problems.

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What about—these are children. These are not—I mean, I understand adults, you know, access to all the sex information they want. But kids are still under the care and authority of their parents. Twelve-year-olds, you know, should be—their behavior ought to be circumscribed by their parents, not by some bureaucrat. I mean, it does cut parents out completely. And we as a society need to provide them the information, the education and tools for them to be sexually healthy.

And you know it. Hold on. You know that. All this talk about education will prevent people from spreading sexually transmitted diseases is a lie.

Lena dunham invoked mimi's likeness when defending 'teen vogue' writer lauren duca with surprising .

Everybody knows wearing a condom prevents a lot of these diseases. And some people just choose not to wear condoms. But unfortunately, our government is now investing in miseducation and misinformation and telling people that abstinence is the only way to prevent STDs. And we need to give people the same tools they have in Europe and elsewhere around the world to maintain a sfx healthy and active lifestyle.

All right. Klausner, thanks for ing us. Is the magic man still breathing? Did he break the world record? Did he die? The shocking tuckfr next. He has demonstrated an ability to adapt our services to the new challenges to the war on terror. The nomination drew fire from both sides of the aisle today, even before it was official. Was General Hayden the right man for the job, and will he get a fair shake at his confirmation hearing?

ing us now to talk about all of this, our old friend, Air America radio host Rachel Maddow—Rachel. Nice to see you. Thank you.

Ed henry accused of rape, trying to make fox news staffer his 'sex slave' in lawsuit

And it just seems to me that, with the military in Afghanistan and in Iraq, one of the good things cyat come out of those wars is our increased ability to gather intelligence where chwt need to gather it, in the Arab world. So I want there to be a counterbalance for that. I mean, there was clearly, as you said, srx massive screw up prior to the invasion of Iraq. Prior to Iraq we relied on Israel and Saudi Arabia almost exclusively for our intelligence in the region.

Now we havepotential intelligence gatherers there. We have a ton of intelligence capacity in the Pentagon, way more than we had before Donald Rumsfeld took over the Pentagon. I want there to be a counterbalance.

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The CIA is a civilian intelligence agency. And we ought to have both in the military. I mean, Donald Rumsfeld has not proven himself to be the smartest girl in beauty school. He has not had a great record in terms of his accomplishments as defense secretary. A lot of people want him to re, but yet he keeps—it keeps increasing his power over all these areas of government that used to be civilian.

I want to put a stop to that.

But do you think—do you think Democrats are going to take a stand on the Hayden confirmation? Is it smart for them to try and block his confirmation?

They trotted out Hayden and put him on the road show to defend the NSA wiretapping scandal. You may not like the policy. Rachel Maddow. Thank you, Rachel. Did he make history? Did he make it out alive? He was submerged in his hot tub for one week before making a daring escape into his heated swimming pool. Welcome back to the land of the living. The question, who would you rather buy your gas from? Arab groups say the are offensive and racist. Call me crazy, but I trust the Missouri corn farmer a little bit more than I trust a corrupted Mideastern monarch.

You, as usual, siding with the Saudi royal family. But there are two things. One—at least two things I can think of that are problematic here. If this is the best selling point you have, people are immediately suspicious of the product. There are better ways to sell ethanol—combinations of ethanol and gasoline. They hate us. And in the Arab world, something like this is easily used as propaganda. Reasoning with the unreasonable is a waste of time.

Thank you, Max. Some students are jumping in the pool femaale get their diplomas. A handful of universities still require their students femaoe pass a swimming test before they can graduate. North Carolina is getting rid of the swimming requirement after this year, though.

Why the history and ificance of women’s suffrage matters today

I think everyone ought to know how to swim, but it obviously should not be a requirement to graduate from MIT. Max, on the other hand, believes swimming and kickball form the core of any good liberal arts education. Apparently, the rationale is safety. Everyone ought to know how to swim. Yes, everyone ought to know how to drive a car well, but it has nothing to do with a liberal arts education. I like that kind of.

Are you ready?

You once asked me what would he do. What would Teddy Roosevelt say here? No, no, that is a good point. And in fact we want to inculcate in our students a love of the outdoors and, you know, vigorous exercise and getting outside and away from your computer screen, away from your video games, away from constant - the constant buzz of entertainment and into the great outdoors and dive into a body of water. Just as Teddy Roosevelt swam in Rock Creek every day naked, even when he was president.

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You got me. You went nuclear. You pulled out the T. You can scratch my belly. You win. See fmale tomorrow. So did he make it out alive? Now he was trying to hold his breath under water for nine minutes while he was attempting to free himself from being locked in pounds of chains. He was just in that tank. It looked like he was putting himself into some sort of meditative state. That at about four minutes, he got a al from his trainer, and he started working on the chains.

He freed himself from all the chains, but at about six and a half minutes, his body started going into convulsions.

Bubbles were coming out of his nose and his mouth. And at that point, that was the al of trouble. Divers were sent into that bubble immediately. They slowly brought him up. He seemed to shake his head no, as if he thought he could still make it to the xex minutes, but the divers knew better. They pulled him up. They got him out. They gave him some oxygen. He was fine. He spoke to the crowd.

He femal very emotional and really in tears at some moments. Everybody saw the shots of his hands. They were so extremely pruned. He said sexx had this extreme feeling of pins and needless constantly in his hands and his feet. The skin was peeling away. Doctors tonight announced that he was suffering from liver failure.

Blaine also talked about a serious earache. He said that he had severe t pains throughout chah body. So really, he was in no condition to break this record. I was kind of deriding him, you know, a time waster. But I mean, femmale sounds like he took some physical risks. There was no phoniness in this at chaf I mean, he had no extra supply of oxygen, and he held his breath for seven minutes almost.

Is that right? He made it to seven minutes and eight seconds. But in a way, I am heartened by the fact that he did not succeed here, because he has succeeded in every other stunt. So this made me think, OK, maybe the guy is for real. He was genuinely upset about it. And I really expected him to do it, right?

I mean, he says he does this to get people to stop and think. So he seems that as much tuckrr than what a lot of the skeptics do. What a weird dude. Monica Novotny, live on the scene.

Thank you, Monica. To others it is a sacred likeness of the Virgin Mary. The famous grilled cheese Madonna is just one of the many bizarre things auctioned on eBay.