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Teen pregnancy chat rooms

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Her birth reunited Gail and Brian after their divorce, however, Brian dies in February after being stabbed by a group of thugs.

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Her birth reunited Gail and Brian after their divorce, however, Brian dies in February after being stabbed by a group of thugs.

Despite trying to fight the adoption, Nick and Sarah were allowed to be adopted. Gail and Martin's marriage eventually broke up a decade later. Sarah befriends Candice Stowe Nikki Sanderson. After her 13th birthday in FebruarySarah discovers that she is five months pregnant. Her daughter Bethany Platt is born in June This nearly le to Bethany's death, when Brenda tries to commit suicide with Bethany, fearing tesn Bethany is being raised in a house of sin.

Emily Bishop Eileen Derbyshirehowever, finds them and stops Brenda before harm is done. Sarah becomes rebellious at the age of 15, splitting from her boyfriend Todd Grimshaw Bruno Langley in and moving on to Aiden Critchley Dean Ashtonwho takes tee joyriding and crashes the car, leaving Sarah with severe head injuries. She survives and dumps Aiden, disgusted that he had left her for pregnancj in the wreckage.

Sarah reconciles with Todd and they move into the flat over the bookies, causing problems between Gail and Sarah, particularly when Sarah tells her that she is pregnant, in late She is unsure about having the baby but Todd convinces her to go pregnnancy and they get engaged, despite their families' disapproval. However, Sarah is unaware that Todd is struggling with his emerging homosexual feelings and begins an affair with Karl Foster Chris Finch.

When Sarah finds out in Mayshe dumps him and suffers a placental abruption shortly afterwards. She has to have an room caesarean and her baby son, Billy, dies soon after he is born in June Sarah blames Todd and refuses to allow him to attend their son's funeral but Todd ignores her and goes regardless. Sarah and Jason get engaged, but once again, their families oppose the marriage.

Jason gets cold rokms on their wedding day and jilts her at the altar. It takes Sarah time to forgive pregnsncy, but they eventually reconcile and the chat is re-organized. Sarah's relationship with David is strained when Bethany takes an ecstasy pill that David had hidden in one of her dolls, and nearly dies and Sarah forbids David from attending her wedding while Gail kicks him out.

The pair continue to bicker continuously at each teen up until Sarah's wedding day in Octoberwhen he attempts to kill himself. The police interrupt the ceremony to inform the Platt family of the attempted suicide; Sarah marries Jason regardless knowing it's just a sick stunt to ruin her wedding. Jealous, Sarah pregnancies this by room drugs on him, so Stephen withdraws the offer and offers roomss to Sarah instead.

She accepts and she, Jason and Bethany pregnancy for the airport to fly to Milan. Disgusted, he walks away, leaving Sarah to fly to Milan alone with Bethany in December Sarah later breaks up with Callum when she learns of his true colours following a gun being found in Max's bedroom. She tells the pregnancg about the gun but he isn't charged; Callum swears revenge on the Platt family. Callum turns up at the Platt house where he takes Sarah hostage and when she tries to escape, he attacks and attempts to chat her but is teen when Kylie roojs and hits him over the head, killing him.

Sarah is left in shock and is forced to help cover pregnabcy his murder. roojs

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Callum's murder leaves Sarah traumatised. She is taken to hospital, where she discovers she is four months pregnant with Callum's baby. Sarah later goes into oroms five weeks early and gives birth to a son who she names Harry Platt. Sarah becomes paranoid, thinking Harry can sense Callum's presence. Following the discovery of Callum's body under the floor in the Platt household, Sarah confesses to Todd that she knows how Callum died.

Sarah later becomes increasingly disturbed, thinking Callum is still alive and planning to kill her. She is taken to a tee unit and diagnosed with postpartum psychosis.

Sarah starts a relationship with Gary Windass Mikey North romos he helps Bethany who is experiencing school bullying. Sarah ends it when she discovers Bethany has a crush on him.

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Bethany later overdoses on exercise pills but recovers and encourages Sarah to get back together with Gary. Sarah discovers that Bethany is in a relationship with Nathan Curtis Christopher Harper who is much older than her. Sarah does not approve of the relationship and takes a strong disliking to Nathan but accepts that it is Bethany's decision, taking her to the doctors for contraception.

She later finds out Bethany is being groomed and Nathan is subsequently arrested with Bethany moving back in with Sarah. Sarah throws out Gary having been told he had a one-night stand with Nicola Rubinstein Nicola Thorp and got her pregnant. Sarah decides to get back with Gary after forgiving him for getting Nicola pregnant.

Creation and casting[ edit ] Tina O'Brien pictured has portrayed Sarah since she was age sixteen. The character of Sarah was created as the daughter of Brian and Gail Tilsley.

The character was born on screen. Sarah was played by Lynsay King from to Lynsay's twin sister Leah, who died of cot death inalternated in the role of Sarah with Lynsay for a brief period until her death. Tina O'Brien was recast in the role in O'Brien was given the part when she was 16, playing the pdegnancy who was still only 12 at the time.

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She left rrooms role inbut has said that she would consider returning to the role in the future. Speaking about her character Sarah's future on the show with The Sun 's TV Magazine in OctoberO'Brien said: "I think there is so much more room for Sarah to develop, so I'm here for the foreseeable, as long as they want me.

However, the storyline has been a highly controversial and discussed storyline because of the possibility pregnanncy it glamorised the idea. In the storyline, Sarah turns to the internet in her bedroom as a way of meeting people.

While visiting chatrooms, she is befriended by a year-old boy who shares her interests and sends her a photo of himself. It turns out, however, that it is a man posing as a year-old, and when he persuades Sarah to meet him face-to-face, she finds herself in a very dangerous situation. A spokeswoman for Granada confirmed the writers would be talking to the Home Office regarding the story. roomd

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We hope to work with it afterwards though. The show should also prove a far more effective measure in tackling concern over internet chatrooms than teeen the melodramatic outpourings of celebrities or the authoritarian and legislative approach of the government. Plus, we know that many parents and kids watch the show side by side. Hopefully, we will spark some debate and then we would have done a good public service.

However, while the show should do more to make kids aware of the potential dangers of chatrooms, we remain concerned that it could also be used to kick up a storm that will see unnecessary and draconian legislation pushed through on a wave of public worry. O'Brien and Langley were in a relationship and she told Frances Traynor from the Daily Record that acting out their break-up was not strange. Todd then s his relationship with Candice. She decides to sleep with him on her sixteenth birthday.

The storyline was controversial and nine viewers contacted the Independent Television Commission.

The organisation investigated the scenes and cleared Coronation Street of breaching guidelines. They praised them for building a relationship between the two characters and viewed it as a mature decision. Sarah fears that she and Bethany are preventing Todd from succeeding at Oxford University. The accident prompts Gail Platt Helen Worth to involve the social services. The show confirmed that teen had discussed the possibility but nothing had been decided upon.

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But he does not reciprocate. A show spokesperson said that the storyline was a "groundbreaking move" and predicted a varied and "huge reaction" from viewers. A spokesperson added that it was the beginning of Todd's realisation about his sexuality.

While kissing Karl, Todd sees Sarah approaching and is "mortified", but she fails to notice Todd and Karl's kiss. Gail brands Todd a "two-timing, twisted, lying pervert" and the two proceed to pull each other's hair out in the street. They had an on off relationship and were due to marry in Speaking of the storyline Ryan Thomas said: "Jason was thinking about getting married in four years rather than four months.

It was more of a stepping stone for him. It has come round quickly for Jason, and he is sort of being pushed into it. There's no grey area with Jason because there's not that much grey matter! Everything's in black and white.

Teen pregnancy

It's either marry Sarah and keep her or don't marry Sarah and lose her forever. He realises he can't have Sarah without Beth — they come as a package. Speaking of her reason for her quitting, O'Brien said: "This has been an extremely difficult decision to make. I love playing Sarah and have had an amazing seven-and-a-half years in Coronation Street. But I feel that the time has come to see what else is out there for me as an actress".

She also thanked the producers and the writers for giving her fantastic storylines during her stint on the show. She also revealed that she will miss everyone.

Producer Steve Frost commented on her departure: "Tina is a fabulous actress and we will be sorry to see her go. However, we fully understand her ambition and desire to play other roles". O'Brien's final scenes aired on 30 December In FebruaryO'Brien revealed that leaving Coronation Street was the right decision, she went on to say: "Leaving Corrie was the hardest decision I ever made, but it was the right one," she said.

I still watch the show occasionally and ptegnancy sucked in instantly".

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A source told the paper: "He's aware that Sarah-Lou and Candice were hugely popular characters. He thinks it would be a ratings winner to bring them back. Losing Katherine and Helen is a big blow to the show, so Phil wants to beef things up a bit with the return of a couple of big names. Speaking about her return, O'Brien said "I am delighted to be returning.