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About sharing image copyrightThinkstock On Thursday we published the story of Diane Munday, who had an abortion before the change in the law - 50 years ago - which made it legal in Britain. In response to her storymany women sent s with their own experiences of abortion over the last half century and more. Here are a selection. I was 20 when I had an abortion in My boyfriend was black and my parents would not have approved. I'd already left home at 18 and was living with him without their knowledge when I became pregnant.

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My miracle baby is ptegnant one, and due to be a big brother himself very soon. Sophie, Birmingham I have had two abortions. For me, both were sad experiences, but I will always defend my right to a safe termination and in no way do I feel guilty, though the grief remains with me. The second termination was for a very much wanted girl who was found to have Edwards Syndrome described as "incompatible with life".

From relief to regret: readers' experiences of abortion

After much, deep thought I took the decision that it was kinder to her to have her life brought to a close while still tiny rather than either be stillborn or die a few days after birth. It was heartbreaking for me, but I am certain it was the best outcome for pregnant, the most humane, to protect her from future pain. Some people may find this shocking - but it's none of their business. My great-grandmother died of ssex illegal abortion in My grandpa was an orphan at 18 months old.

Safe abortion should be a woman's choice and right. Sue I was forced to have an pregnatn by my then boyfriend. He was violent and controlling and I found out after having the abortion that he was married. Over time I have mixed emotions, sex I am relieved I had an abortion but I mostly chat guilt.

Baby’s development in the second trimester

I already had one child from another partner and the abortion experience left me with the feeling that I would not have any more pregbant. I did go on to have another child with my now husband and the feelings of guilt were dreadful. I love my children dearly and hated myself for ending a pregnancy. I have recently had a miscarriage and the pregnant of guilt is back. Sdx have thought my miscarriage is karma for my abortion.

I can't change the past and have to live with my decision. It was a terribly difficult decision to make and should not be made lightly. I sex only told my mum and husband about the abortion as the stigma is terrible. Louise, Staffordshire I am currently pregnant with our fourth child, unplanned. I had two appointments for an abortion but couldn't do it - it would be awful if my children ever found out that I had terminated their younger sibling. However, I'm not chat and am not particularly excited about this baby.

My husband was very upset about it and really wanted me to abort. However, I we?

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I think that it's so important women have open access to abortion services. However, I worry that abortion has become normalised for men who view it as an emergency contraception, whilst for women it's still a very taboo subject. I would never tell anyone that I can booked in for an abortion but, statistically, I must know many women who have had terminations and don't talk about them. If you use this, please publish it anonymously.

Anonymous I almost had an abortion in I was unmarried and it was an unplanned pregnancy. The doctor I saw at the hospital was not very kind and I found myself saying that I would not have an abortion in response.

My daughter was born in Jan I don't regret having her and I am very proud of the woman she has become but I do regret having become pregnant as I was too young and too unsettled to have pregnantt that time. I found that I was blamed for the pregnancy and my partner was not.

Dating while pregnant: what it's like to bumble with a bump

There cyat still a stigma against unmarried mothers at that time and I did feel quite alone. The ward sister, when I had a c-section, was particularly nasty and I was not as tough then as I am now and did not stand up for myself. I believe very strongly in a woman's right sex choose and for better sex education and access to birth control for all girls and women. Beth, Cambridge I became pregnant at the age of 24 and was delighted at first, even though my partner was mentally unstable and both psychologically and physically abusive.

The relationship broke down and I left, but because of the pregnancy I went back to try once more. It was soon clear nothing would ever improve, and I decided very regretfully on an abortion. I had grown up in a two-parent family and felt pregnant strongly that a baby would need both a mother and a father to care for it.

I also had no funds to raise in my mother's tiny home. I was prepared to end my own life to escape the situation and I let the doctors know this. While my mother was keeping me company in hospital when the termination was taking place - sadly late at around 20 weeks - she shared that she herself had a late backstreet abortion in the early s, before she and my father could get married. It had made her very chqt and she pregnwnt disliked anything to do with childbirth.

My experience inalthough scary and sad, was far less traumatic and did not affect my health. Thanks to a more merciful chat, I was free to enjoy giving birth later to three healthy babies in a stable and loving marriage.

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Clare I feel that the two doctors approval is an pregnant safety net to prevent women and girls from being forced into terminations against their will Unfortunately this rule was not adhered to in my case - I never saw anyone who presented themselves as a doctor and I was never seen alone. I am strongly pro-choice even though mine was taken away; Sex am immensely grateful that this is a freedom we have.

H, Taunton I had an abortion when I was 19, in When I arrived at the clinic there were protesters outside. I am married to the man who got me pregnant and now have two beautiful children. We had only been together for three months when I got pregnant and were using birth control. I don't regret the decision we made because I don't think we would have made it as a couple. We were far too young and didn't know each other chat. I would have ended up as another single mother.

Nineteen years later we are very happy. Toni, Stafford I had an abortion.

I was 18,it was illegal. My husband we were newly weds managed to find an abortionist through a friend.

It was the syringe and dettol water job, I was aware and conscious throughout. It did not work immediately, and the abortionist sent me home, frightened she would be located and found.

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The abortion happened hours later, bloodily and horribly. I was over four months pregnant because we had been unable to find help before. I had no bad medical effects afterwards, and never doubted what we did. My husband now ex has never recovered char what he saw that day, and having to dispose of the foetus.

Of course abortion is never "good" but it is frequently necessary.

Pregnant women shows

Sue, Fleet I was 21 the first time I fell pregnant. I'd only been with my boyfriend a couple of months and I was eight months off completing my final exams at university.

I knew straight away what I needed to do, and with the support of my visibly scared boyfriend I had a medical abortion a couple of weeks later at the local hospital. I told a few friends and the next day I told my mother who wasn't as sympathetic as I'd hoped. Unfortunately, two years later it happened again - I was still with the same boyfriend and we were now in low-paid jobs but there was no way we could have taken care of a baby.

This time I asked for a surgical abortion. And this time I only told one close friend.

Ten years later and we are still together, we now have good careers and own our own home. We also have a one-year-old son who is the light of our lives. Absolutely no regrets. This means you don't have to think about your contraception every day or every time you have sex. Find out more about the different contraceptive methods Will medication or being ill affect my pill? But certain things, such as being sick vomitingcan stop it working properly.

Always read the leaflet inside the packet so you know what might affect it. Some medicines can prevent the pill working properly. Your call will be treated with sensitivity and in strict confidence.