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Panty Wearing Men For Guys Wearing Panties and Couples Wearing Panties Panties they feel so great don't they, its a wonder why so many guys wear panties, once you slip a pair of panties on your hooked on panties for life.

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Panty Wearing Men For Guys Wearing Panties and Couples Wearing Panties Panties they feel so great don't chatt, its a wonder why so many guys wear panties, once you slip a pair of panties on your hooked on panties for life. What do woman think of guys wearing panties? What do woman think of men wearing panties? What type of guys wear panties? Do woman like men wearing panties?

Is it ok for men to wear panties? Can guys wear panties? Have you ever worn your wifes panties?

Have you ever worn your girlfriends panties? Lots of questions get asked about guys wearing panties, guys wearing panties is more common than you think, I don't know many guys who don't have a fasination with panties, yes true not all of them wear panties but they all have a connection that article apnty clothing that sits so close to a womans jucies. You're home alone, in your bedroom, sneaking into your secret stash of women's panties.

Men litter the bed, a thong is draped from the door handle. You're clad in your favorite pink satin panties when you mn a gasp of surprise and look up to see your wife or girlfriend standing there You've been caught wearing women's panties. What happens next? What do you do? This scenario is all too common for men who chat panties, even those who do their best to hide it.

In fact only men who try to hide their panties wearing are ever caught, because men who don't hide it are never really caught. For some men, the thought of telling a girlfriend or wife that they like to wear panties is too much. There is the fear of rejection, the real possibility of divorce, and even the specter of panty ridicule and if their 'secret' gets out. Unfortunately the truth has a way of coming out, and more often than not, men who wear panties often get caught, perhaps because they secretly want to be caught.

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After all, the burden of hiding such an intimate part of yourself from panhy one you love can be a very heavy one. Once you've been caught however, what you do next can make all the difference in how things play out in your relationship. There are really two levels of being caught wearing womens panties. One is being caught by a girlfriend in a relatively new relationship, and the other is being caught by a wife or a long term girlfriend.

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Things are much easier to handle if the relationship is new, because the expectation of full disclosure is not yet present. The early stages of a relationship are all about discovery and gradual exposure, so discovering that a man likes to wear women's panties is less shocking msn a woman who has men been in a relationship long than for a woman who truly believes that the man concerned is her soul mate, her life partner, and the one person on earth she knows fully and completely.

The first tip I would give a man in either situation is not to react in a scared, ashamed, or worried chat. The lady has had a surprise, this is true, but her cha will be tempered a great deal by yours. If you men like a girl and start stammering excuses and apologies, panty are sending the message that you have been caught doing something wrong. Panty panic.

Instead of panicking and behaving in a strange manner, smile warmly and invite her in. Explain what you're doing, if she asks, and answer any questions she might have. Women are very good at detecting lies, better than you might think, and she will know its not true if you try and tell her that you just started wearing women's panties today, or that you're doing it as a dare. Lying can hurt much more than it helps for a chat of reasons.

One, she probably won't believe you, and your lies will only convince her that you are untrustworthy and two, it destroys your chance of actually being able to include your panties wearing, or at least the knowledge that you occasionally wear panties in your relationship. If you claim that it is a one off event, and she catches you again, or finds evidence in the form of a pair of large panties left forgotten on the closet floor, or in the laundry basket, then all trust will be shattered.

Believe it or not, the bigger deal when caught wearing panties isn't so much the female attire as it is the lies that have accompanied it. Now realistically speaking, not every woman is going to react with joy, or even acceptance if and when they find their partner dressed up in panties. Some may be repulsed, and some may be so shocked that they simply can't handle it. These panry are beyond your control, and to attempt to control them is out of your hands.

Being caught brings with it cat element of undeniable risk.

Sometimes things may turn out well, and you can increase your chances of them turning out well by behaving in a calm, welcoming and honest fashion, but sometimes things are going to go badly no matter what happens. Some women simply cannot comprehend or accept the idea of a man wearing panties, but as a man who wears panties, is that really a woman panty want to spend your life with? The issue of being caught wearing panties runs much deeper than a moment of naughtiness.

It goes to trust, honesty, and to personal freedom. Will you settle for someone who fulfills you in many respects but who makes you feel bad about an important aspect of your sexuality? Or will you find someone who honors you as a person who has needs and desires which deserve to be indulged chat as much as their own? And will you honor and respect your partner enough to share this aspect of yourself with her? Or will you disrespect her and shut her out of an intimate part of yourself? I was teogether men my girlfriend for 2 or 3 months when just by chance she discovered a pair of panties.

When I admitted they were mine and that I loved to wear panties, it was not an easy time. It took her some time to accept that a straight man enjoys wearing panties. We spent some time talking about it. The critical issue was after all that she missed openness and trust. But then she no longer rejected it.

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Now, almost 20 years later we are still happily married. My recommendation is: be open about your panty fetish right from the beginning. Maybe not at the first date. But not too long after that. A relationship is based on mutual trust. Can you imagine how your partner may jen if she suddenly finds out after a long time that you wear panties? That may cause serious problems in a relationship.

You can avoid that. And also very true.

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Reacting almost exactly as described above saved a relationship I had back in college which ended anyway for a different matter entirely, but that is not the point when I was caught wearing panties by my girlfriend of a few weeks. At the time, we had been intimate only once, and I had planned to tell her soon anyway. I had left my door unlocked, not really thinking anyone would come in without knocking. She was very shocked and even slightly negative at first -- she actually left the room in quite a hurry.

At that point, I took off the panties and dressed "normally" all male attire. One night I asked my wife if I could purchase womens panties since you can"t find reasonable price mens silk panties. To my suprise she loved the idea.

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First she said no printed or laced panties. Now she loves to see me in panties and turns her on. We even got to where we purchase matching panties and like this morning we swapped panties that we was wearing. It is important to be able to communicate with your wife or girlfriend. Me and my wife is able to communicate and listen to each other. If you cant talk and got to hide what your desires are you have problems discussing nen issure also. Lanty wear my girlfriends thongs, g-strings and boyshort panties all the time.

I sometimes even wear her stockings and lingerie. The way I look at it, if she can wear them and look and feel sexy, so can Hcat.

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I love the way the fabric presses up in all the right places. I just feel sexy and very turned on! I wear thongs and g-strings under my every day clothes because they give me confidence and make me feel sexy.

Panty girl im with now genuinely seems to like it and it seems to turn her on quite a bit actually. She's told me she doesnt chat what I wear. Ive worn just panties and she said it was pannty hot" One thing ive learned from telling 4 different women, is dont make it a big deal, tell them early in the relationship, be honest. Dont give her the whole story the first night, mention your like, see what she says, if she seems receptive, wear some to bed one night, turn her on and let her find out you're wearing them.

If she wants to ask questions pqnty that, then answer. But, Dont make it men focus of your bedroom activities. If your into wearing panties during sex as I am, you dont have to do ;anty every single time. Mix things up. And most important of all, if you tell your partner, and she's ok with it, do what you can to keep her happy. She's doing what she can to keep you happy, and she also now knows me of your bigger secrets that you wouldnt want public knowlege.

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s you might have a panty fetish. When out shopping with the wife or girlfriend, or just on your own, do you look in the display windows when you walk by the lingerie store? Have you ever found yourself trying to see a woman? When in a public place with potential views, do you find that caht senses are always acutely tuned in and your eyes scanning for that one off chance of catching a quick glimpse up a ladies skirt or down the back of her trouser?

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