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A lot of guys have no idea what to do after you get a girls. So in this video on what I help clear things up all little bit. I got 2 really good s to go through today. I got an from Steve was struggling and confused.

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A lot of guys have no idea what to do after you get a girls. So in this video on what I help clear things up all little bit. I got 2 really good s to go through today. I got an from Steve was struggling and confused. Thank you so much your work is gkrls me feel better about myself. Thanks to your videos I realized she was interested. When we were talking, she was playing with her hair and she touched me on the arm. Okay so you can see that Steve is becoming more aware of s up to look for when a woman is interested.

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I asked for her and she said gave it to me. Okay, first off for girl. Remind yourself you know nothing about this girl. You have no idea of what kind of life she has had or what kind of partner girlss would be. Now most guys interest level can jump up way too fast. We tend to heat up like a microwave. But, women are more like a conventional oven. They take longer to heat up. Women are more aware of the risks. Some women just want sex. But I think more women want a meaningful connection.

Imagine you were selling a house. You got a ton of people were interested in the house. You got tons of calls tirls everyone talks about how jumbers they want to buy texy house. But nobody was truly interested in buying it. Tk all wanted to come over and see the house. They get tired of all the low interested callers. Then occasionally someone wants to buy the house at a low price as in no commitment. Or they say well if I buy the house, I want you to still mow the text. They want to make sure you are a serious buyer.

My point is, you want to stand out and be different. So what you number to do is after you get herwait about 3 or 4 days to text her. Send her a few text messages back and forth.

Then around the 4th message you want to ask her on a date. She will probably give you a few options. Pick teext that works best for you. Set up a definite date and a definite time. I suggest something very casual like drinks. Do not accept that as a date.

Part 1: how to start texting a girl ()

That is a NO. Her reply will give you insight into her interest level. You can do one of two things. You can wait another week to text her and try to set up another date. Or you can say, okay well take a look at your schedule and get back to me. Either is fine. If you say take a look at your schedule and get back to me, then you have to mean what you say. You only accept definite dates. I have a second who asks me my thinking behind the phone. Ed says: Hi Craig, me and my buddy Ted were talking about your ideas on texting with a woman.

You say that the phone is for setting dates only. We both think that may be a little too harsh. I say yes!

If you want her to be your girlfriend, just pick up the phone call her

Build her interest. Let her get to know you. Ted says he likes to text a girl a lot before he asks her out on a date. Let too start with Ted. So the girl you like is and spend your time texting back and forth with, is sleeping with other men.

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So if he likes the idea of spending his time fantasizing about a woman while she goes on real dates trying to make a real relationship work. Now, your idea is to text a woman first to get to know her before you go out. You are trying to create attraction. That reminds me of the scene from Seinfeld where Kramer talks about families going back and forth about their day.

The reason I say the phone is for setting dates is that most guys will over pursue a woman. They will text her every day.

Some guys morning, noon and night. It does not give a woman the time she needs for feelings to develop. There is a Facebook study where women are shown 3 men. One that is interested, One who is not interested, and one where they do not know. At first the woman is most attracted to the guy who is interested, but then her interest drops.

The man who is not interested, they do not think about.

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But the one they wonder about the most is the one they are unsure about. The other thing is that you are trying to create attraction. Texting a woman makes your interest level clear to her. At humbers it will stay high, then it will drop off. So she will lose interest. Going out, having fun and hooking up. I know some people have beliefs against sex before marriage. I that case you want to at least be kissing her, holding her, and doing other things that makes her bond with you.

I do want you guys to understand how we are wired biologically. The beginning of love is numebrs lust phase. After you start regularly sleeping with a woman you start to attach. Our body releases chemicals like Oxytocin and Serotonin. It causes us to bond with each other. In it I talk more about the early stages of dating and how we begin to attach.

You want to spend time with women in person if you want a woman to be more attracted to you. It has to be in person.

10 reliable ways to ask a girl for her and our best lines to get a girls

I know many guys will start to worry about losing a girl and start texting her all the time and she will lose interest. I want you guys to spend time with women in person.

If you want something, make time for her. If you want to follow up, wait about a week.

Casual Casual Casual. When you are first meeting someone you they have no idea who you are.

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All your behavior is under a microscope. If she has a higher interest level you have a little more wiggle room to make mistakes, but if she has a slight interest. You need to create spark.