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You can tell those who've been through the relationship journey before. To them, you're the same old song. The more polite you are the more evil your intentions seem. Not to mention that social media has made every attempt at a connection all about the attraction and less about the dating someone whos been hurt. Although the ironic thing with hurt people is that all they want is to hear something different but they don't take the time to hear you out. But we can all admit that this "heartless" attitude of the masses has come from the graveyard of shallow past relationships, but those who have been genuinely hurt before might be the only ones who you are truly worth the effort after all. No alliance here, but you're probably asking yourself what's the point in that uphill battle. Yes, carrying the bags of past excursions can get daunting.

Those in the latter group have often experienced hurt — in some form — at the hands of someone who promised the world only to deliver nothing of the sort. The ability to trust someone else and confidence in their own self-trust. If your computer dating someone whos been hurt hacked, what would you do? In the same albeit, more humanistic way, those whose trust has been violated secure and safeguard their emotions. Similarly, someone whose trust has been abused instinctively begin to fortify a defensive position. Eventually, the person will slowly let their guard down.

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Classifying people who have "been hurt" regarding anything to do with dating or love or other people is asinine. We've all been there — most of us are still there to some degree, and to pretend that anybody isn't or that there are some people more affected than others is counterproductive altogether. But the reality is that while we've all been scorched by the romantic blowtorchwe seldom realize, or accept, that other people's hearts are as damaged and salvageable as we want to hope that ours are. We seek love under the premise that we are people of many emotional dimensions but that we're settling if we don't find someone who has a crack in their foundation that they trip on now and again. We don't think of people in all their broken, beautiful glory because dating someone whos been hurt rather not address their pain, as it forces us to face our own. We think that with each budding relationshipwe're stepping onto a clean slate; no wonder we implode so intensely when we realize that we carry every bit of our pasts with us, however healed they are or not, and that it will infiltrate even the happiest and most loving of relationships if they aren't addressed outside of them. Learning to love someone who has been hurt before is really just learning to love someone, and to see them for their whole truth and your own, as well. Here are all the things you need to know before you date someone who has a past so, you know, a human being in general :. The only difference is where they are in their healing. Some people are still smashed open, others are scarred and cautious, but most people fall somewhere in the middle.

Here's how to inoculate ourselves against negative ones. Verified by Psychology Today. Authors Shaver, Hazan and Bradshaw write the following about sexual desire: "Sexual dating someone whos been hurt are among the strongest motivators of human behavior, and sexual gratification is one of the greatest human pleasures. Extensive research exists on the numbers of women who have been raped, and much of the research shows that sexual assault and rape occur in extremely high numbers at colleges and universities. One recent study suggests that 15 percent of college women are raped in their freshman year of college, and that number would be much higher if it included the more general category of sexual assault Carey, Durney, Shepardson, and Carey,

Dating a girl who has been hurt in the past is going to require a lot dating someone whos been hurt patience. She is getting over her hurt feelings and rebuilding her ability to trust, and that's not an easy process for her. It can be frustrating for her -- and for you. Earn her trust -- it will not be given easily. For someone who has been hurt in the past, there is a loss of trust.
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