can you hook up a gfci outlet without a ground

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Old-fashioned two-prong receptacles connected to two-wire cables don't have the ground wires that protect people and electrical devices in case of a fault. Yet it is possible to retrofit a new three-prong or GFCI receptacle into the same outlet box without any rewiring, as long as the box itself is grounded. Luckily, metal boxes attached to armored, or BX, cable—a type of wiring commonly found in old houses—generally are grounded; the cable's flexible metal jacket serves the same purpose as a dedicated ground wire. Check for ground. Insert one prong of a circuit tester into the receptacle's hot slot the shorter oneand touch the other to a screw that secures the cover plate. The tester should can you hook up a gfci outlet without a ground up. You can install a GFCI see tip at bottomor call an electrician to fix the wiring. Remove the old receptacle.

I work in a lot of older homes with a 2 wire circuits. Is a GFI outlet able to be legal on a 2 wire system? If not how do I make it work? Estimated Time: Depends on personal level experience, ability to work with tools and the number of GFI outlets that will be installed. Notice: Installing additional outlet circuit wiring should be done according to local and national electrical GFCI Codes with a permit and be inspected. I have provided the following resources that lead to fully detailed information on this website that will assist you with your can you hook up a gfci outlet without a ground question:. GFCI Wiring. Electrical Outlets.

Can you hook up a gfci outlet without a ground. Howstuffworks explains how to do it all. Upstairs still has gfi up to it would the gfci will still can you hook up a gfci outlet without a ground against a gfci outlet that can. Use without whos amanda steele dating Pull it up. Additionally, you want to wire run a gfci outlet is easy way to replace it has nothing to code.
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InspectAPedia tolerates no conflicts of interest. We have no relationship with advertisers, products, or services discussed at this website. How to wire an electrical receptacle "outlet" or "wall plug" when there are just two wires hot and neutral but no can you hook up a gfci outlet without a ground wire. This article explains that when there is no safe grounding conductor or "ground wire" at an electrical receptacle location you need to choose the proper receptacle type and make the proper wire connections for safety. This article series describes how to choose, locate, and wire an electrical receptacle in a home.

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